Welcome to the Anthia Wiki The Legend of Anthia is a Terraria Role Playing Server.

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Basic Story

Anthia is a world of magic and adventure, this famous and exilirating role-playing server puts almost no bounds on your creativity from Humans to even PENCIL people (Don't ask) this server and community is a place where sometimes (as we like to say) logic merely ceases to exist!



  • Cresent: Server Founder
  • DSdavidDS: Tech guy
  • Wired: Money Bags/Wikia Admin
  • Caldaminis: Doc handler


  • Darkminer: App manager
  • Lonernova: App team
  • Negative: App team
  • Azure999: Social handling/ Moderating

Operators (OPS):

  • duke007: App team
  • FansyFace: RP management
  • Agni Amelani: RP Management

Special Position:

  • Mr. Mystery: Coder/server files handler/Enuit Shamen
  • Xenon Servers: Owner


  • Correx
  • Terrariaballer017
  • Key of Destiny
  • Spazythespaz
  • janie mack
  • Crazyon

Recommended Pages



Important Characters

The World of Anthia


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